Most Accurate Green Lantern Ring


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every one,

I just saw the green Lantern Movie and I am interested in geting
A replica Ring.

i am kind of unsure to get the Sold out DC Direct version witch is seen on Ebay from $89-$100, that only comes in one size with no lighting, but heard it is cast from the original,

Or this One i see on Ebay that has many size options and comes with A light for around $150:
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Any Recommendations



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I'll be third to say go for the ring made by Zenix, I had the pleasure of assisting in assembling several of his rings. They are AMAZING and totally worth the price!


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also look up batjeepster on either here or on facebook, his rings are amazing as well, and has more options and styles than anyone else ive eber seen.


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Haven't seen one in person, but I'd say the Zenix ones look the best out of what I've seen. If I were in the market, that's what I'd go with.


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If you're talking movie accuracy, then the DC Direct version is the probably the most accurate, considering it was cast off an original ring. Batjeepster and Zenix make nice interpretations of the ring, but their design details are slightly different than the movie rings.

If you need a cost effective solution, get a Toys R Us die cast ring and do some mods on it; they can look great after a bit of work.
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