Most Accurate Daft Punk (Tron) Guy Manuel Helmet?


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Hi, I'm relatively new to this forum, I've actually been looking around it for a long time, as a resource for my Guy Manuel Tron Daft Punk helmet. I'm actually planning on making both the Guy helmet, and the Thomas helmet for my girlfriend for this halloween, but my first few attempts at the guy helmet have all been failed, mainly because I'm never happy with the accuracy of the pepakura files that are floating around on this site. I'm just wondering which Guy daft punk pepakura file is the most accurate? I've built three different ones so far and been unhappy with them all... I don't really have the resources or the space to build the helmet from scratch and then make casts of it, so the pepakura route is the one I'm trying to take. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :]
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