MOS (Man of Steel) thread. superman suit - NO underpants


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I hate Zack Snyder, and I love Nolan's films, but that's just pants.
Well, it is literally pants, also.
For many years people have tried to change Superman's costume, but no one really did it because his an icon. the man with the famous chest sign that wears his red underwear over his pants.

I think it's horrible. + they've changes the font of his S on the chest.
I really really hope the haven't dropped the yellow sign on his cloak.



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There's some curved, scalloped detail around the wrists of the suit. It's blue though... You can see it in that first official picture which was released!

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I'm actually glad they decided to loose the underpants. It reminds me of the Jim Lee design for the upcoming Justice League comics that were revealed at San Diego Comic Con.


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Looks sad this is almost as bad as the Hao 4 Master Chief without the Cod armor.
Hey! After seeing the suit that 343i got Bluerealm of the 405th to make for Halo-fest, I am starting to like how it looks. lol.

I won't pass any judgement on this Superman film... Until I see the film. Than it's fair game. :behave

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I don't mind that they ditched the red undies...but now the suit looks VERY plain. A bigger, brighter belt would have broken it up some, or even some he looks like a smurf.


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I don't particularly mind the changes. It seems a bit gimmiky that they lost the red shorts, but let's see what the film's like.

We'll always have the comics and Chris Reeve movies (well, 1 & 2 anyway. Let's not mention 4) so it isn't rewriting history. Just a different take. Look at it this way, Batman's suit in Begins was a lot different than Adam West's. Thankfully.
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