Mos Eisley/Tatooine Wall Sconce

Mean Obiwan

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Hey guys, I didn't really want to give such a small prop its own thread, but I'm not sure where else I could show this off.
This is my little Mos Eisley style wall sconce motion sensor light. I was wondering around WalMart with the wife when I first noticed it. Just a boring little light and thought it would look great converted into something that looked like it came off the set.
So, I picked it and some sandstone textured paint up and went to work. A few things out of the greeblie box and this is what I ended up with. I really wish I had gotten a before picture of it, but since it was just a vague idea of what I would do, and not knowing how it would turn out I didn't :/

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Here's the back of it, which kind of shows you what kind of material it was before conversion.

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Under the plastic cover thing

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And on the wall.

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Now all you need is a nice vintage Tunesian/Tatooine trunk . . . with your father's lightsaber inside :)


Mean Obiwan

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How did my father die?

That's actually a pretty good idea though. Then maybe I'd actually have a place to put all my props that have spread over the kitchen counter ;)


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How did your father die? Well ... you're Mean Obiwan ... so you tell me ... perhaps a bit of help from the dark side :lol