Mortal Kombat Legacy Scorpion (WIP)


Here is my work in progress on the MK Legacy Scorpion, this is not a hard to make costume, but I will be doing more buying and putting together than making myself.

I'm planning on getting a mannequin but as for now i don't have one. I'm still missing the kunai rope, leather gloves, tabard, arm bracers, shin guards, belt, and belt pouches.

I'm also looking for a realistic japanese mask to use with prosthetic eyes for the mannequin, if any of you can help me where to get that I will appreciate it, I don't want to have painted eyes on a mannequin. Since the eyes is the only human part visible on the mannequin I have to get it right.

Here is the mask, is from the same company that provided the mask for the series, it fits perfect and is made of metal. I need to trim the mustache and I'm waiting for the blu ray of the series to look at more details about it like color etc before I do more modifications.


I added the black fabric pieces to test the mask, the final product will look a bit different .


Here is the kunai, it doesn't look that good in the picture due to the lighting but in person it looks realistic, I have scared a few people with it, still missing the rope though.


The balaclava

Boots and socks

Martial Arts uniform, the material is really nice and thin.


Started work on the tabard, this is just a paper piece to get my measurements right.



Here is something I made to help me make the tabard

And here is the mask next to future projects.


Will update as soon as I make more progress.
Looks great!! I just finished watching the series the other day. It was pretty awesome if you ask me.
Thanks! Yeah, specially 7,8 and 9

Looking good :)

Is the other mask the Scorpion or Sub Zero movie mask?

Thank you! The blue mask is subzeros mk9 mask, the other one is scorpions mk1 movie mask. I will make costumes for those two as soon as im done with this one.

oh my god :D where did you get the mempo from and how much? i REALLY want one... also, AWESOME BUILD SO FAR!! it was about 150 dollars and best costumer service i've experienced online. This mask is so awesome, but make sure you tell the guy is for MK, if not you will get the original one with a different mustache and color. Thanks!

This looks great! I really want to do a Mileena costume one of these days...teeth and all :D!

That would be really cool, Mileena is hot! :)

I received my leather gloves, Will update soon!
I was looking at many options to make a realistic face for the mannequin and sculpting is out of the question because I can't sculpt anything if my life depended on it. So I decided to work on a 3d model of Ian's head, most likely I will have a company make me a lifesize mask with the eyes cut out so i could put prosthetic eyes instead, unless I come up with something else.

Here is a sample of the 3d model so far.

Thank you all for the positive comments!!!

For those that asked about the subzero mask, i bought it from ebay but i havent seen anymore for sale, the fitment was really bad, but i made it fit after modifying it. The guy has a website, i will try to remember the name, but right now i only remember the mask is called subzero airsoft mask. Hope that helps.

I had someone make me the scorpion tabard, but i will end up using it on the mk1 movie scorpion version instead of the legacy version, i will update later with more pictures but as of now you can see i already got the leather gloves for this project.

I got the scorpion mask on ebay, the guy took like 3 months to ship it and sent it using a letter bag, so it arrived in pieces, i put it together and is not that bad at all, the fitment is great, but i havent seen the guy on ebay selling anything recently.

Here is the website for some cool mk masks including the subzero one i got, very expensive though.

Arrived in pieces? You mean it was broken? I've seen those masks.. I'm not really impressed. If you find that sellers info please LMK thanks.
It arrived broken, his name was funkychick or something on ebay.

Here is an update, and some reference pictures of what im trying to achieve.



Here is some early work , i bought this flexible foam that im going to use as a base to create the heavy look and the wave pattern of this tabbard.


Dont mind the marker lines, i wont be following that pattern


Looks simple but i had to test it on like 100 times and modify it before making it officially the final piece.
The belt is 5 inches, i will cover it with another material

Here is the plan to do this with the whole costume, foam layers with glued fabric , sounds crazy but i experimented with a piece and it worked.

Tabbard is 90% done.






Still missing a couple details on the tabbard, missing the bracers, shin guards, and a couple other things but im really happy with how the tabbard turned out.
Thanks! I like the clean look of it but I agree, i have no idea how to do that though, maybe hanging it outside for a few days and let nature do it or just get it wet a few times and let it dry?
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