Mortal Kombat Legacy Scorpion Costume



This project WILL be done by october 14th or earlier. Need it for NY Comic-Con. It does not look like much now, but i will keep updating it and posting pictures. any advice is welcomed! It looks much easier to make in the show. When i went about trying to figure out how they did it i was baffled. There are no directions on how to make it out there. Just another member on the forums making the same outfit. Got some good advice, but i have a vision. and i intend to make it so. Check it out!

In case you don't know what this version looks like, here a link to the awesome fight scene between Scorpion and Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat Legacy.
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Looks awesome dude, specially that mask. How did you get rid of the extra metal? You used a grinder? Also i see what youre using for that costume, should give it that heavy look.
the extra metal? the neck guard that it came with was attached by rope. i just cut it off. I have to re paint the rubber mustache thing black and then put a white hair one on. then just fit it with fatty fabric straps similar to what u have on. Im gonna be working on it bit by bit each day until its finished. I might have to get a tiny bit more of the thick fabric for the middle layer. Its should give it that heavy look, but actually be heavy. Im gonna sweat my **** off in all this. I also have the karate gi for underneath. need to get some tabis. and i will make the arm and shin braces last. So hopefully each night i will post pics of the days progress. It will be done within Two Weeks.
I thought that was the ebay mask had extra pieces of metal on the shin and sides that had to be shaven off, but i guess is a different one, it looks damn good too. Mine is not heavy at all and i dont sweat that much, i recommend you get a century gi, i tried a few and that one had the thinnest fabric but really strong too.
You should also paste your pictures here so it can load all of them instead of going one by one.
This is the basic pattern i cut out of some felt just to get an idea of how this would sit on me.

I decided the back of it was a little too short, so i needed to make a bigger better badder tabbard

Adding an extra 5 inches in length to the back of it.

Cut it out. I later trimmed it down an extra 1/2 inch, but am considering taking another 1/2 off

using the old template to get the neck right.

Folded in half to get an even cut.

I think its too fat. Need to take the half inch off all around.

The top layer. still making middle layer. That is not exact size. just rough cut out.

These are the yellows. 3 bright yellows for the outside, 1 kind of pale yellow for the inside liner.

The Mempo. took the mustaches off to repaint the mask. Have to put them back on.
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I see what you mean. I will post the images here as well. I will also post them with descriptions. As of now, the descriptions will stay in the album. But when i put up the new stuff, i will do it properly.
Measuring from the 3rd layer so I know how large to make the middle layer (layer 2).

Cut out layer 2, and trimmed down the front half. back side trimmed after photo taken.

Trimmed the 3rd layer down, and also 2nd layer. 1st layer is still 1/2 inch wide in front.

Here is all the layers stacked on top of each other. They are folded in half.

Im pretty happy with how these are turning out. that bottom fat layer needs some trimming. but it should be done soon. Hopefully i start putting the yellow on Later today. (its 3:30am now) Praying this looks good. I also have all the material for the arm and shin guards. Using fake leather and 1/2 inch foam to form them. lined with black fabric.
i thought about bending the fabric, but felt that i would get a crisper cleaner look if i did it this way. even though it seems like 3x the amount of work.
Here are the fake Kunai Knives i ordered. With shipping the two of em came out to 10 dollars total. I will probably break one swinging it so i figured it would be wise to have a back up. They are made of wood. They look great for the price.
Wow, man. I give your props. The mask alone made put me in a state of awe.
I'm a big fan of the webseries so I'm really looking forward to your finished product! Keep it up!
Started the Arm Bracers. Heres how its being done!
There is heavy duty material that looks kind of like leather on one side, Foam in the middle, and then a piece of fabric on the inside to line it.

Get it roughly cut out and pin it together.

Break out the sewing machine and sew it together.

Figured the inside can be a little sloppy.. well cause its the inside and not as important.

Then I marked out where i wanted the lines and stitched it to form the pattern.

Just need to add one more piece to the middle and it will be done. This is how i am making the other arm and also the shin guards.
Thanks. Its crunch time for this project. only have a week. really got to get to work. hopefully shins done by the end of 10/5 and then i get to start on the yellow on 10/6. Then i have the rest of the time to make any finishing touches. I will update of course as i move along. I want to get this done asap. I cant wait to wear it.
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