Morris / Deluted Concepts P1 CLOSED Mouth Completed


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So here are the closed mouth version of the Morris Deluted concepts P1 .
This is a piece that i commisioned juan to do in october / november last year.

Its a great piece IMO and it was a blast to paint.

I cut the dreads a bit shorter on this one.

The dreads and beads are from biohunter and the quills are bountyhunters.

As usual its painted with golden acryllics.
The head is made of Resin and cant be worn.

Ill soon stop harassing you guys with my paintups i have just one more to show you after this one then it will be a while untill the next.






Let me know how you like it

kind regards


Master Member
I like the shorter dreads. You should position the head with the chin up higher so that we can see the eyes and it will also make it seem like he's staring at us :(


New Member
I dont think its annoying to see your fenomenal paintups, Jimmy.
But, I would love to see what you could do with other colours. Maybe try to paint a head Borg- or Snake style?



New Member
aye kotten that would be fun but im running out of heads to paint as for now im painting my Sideshow P1 bust and after that i only have 2 elder heads sigh ....
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