Morrigan (Dragon Age) Costume - Finished!

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    Here is a commission that I sent out today (so sad to see it leave) to an excited new owner. The costume is of Morrigan from Dragon Age. The commission included:

    - Velvet top
    - Leather skirt
    - Oversized leather belt
    - Various arm wraps
    - Various jewelry
    - Boots, shredded legwear, wig
    - Bikini top

    Onward with some pictures!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A few technical details:

    - The red velvet top is made up of two pieces, the outer fabric and the lining fabric. When it is laid out flat, it looks like a really big "L" shape.
    - The skirt is made out of an old leather jacket (thrift store find). I cut the sleeves off and did some more ragged cuts around the edges to give it more of a skirt shape. There are also darts in the front and back. It is worn like a wrap skirt. I left the pockets in tact (they are near the bottom front) for small items like cards or a phone can be carried around.
    - All of the belts are contributions from friends/family. Ask enough people, and you'll find a ton of old belts that are on their last legs. This made distressing things fairly quick.
    - The jewelry bits were mostly found on Etsy. There are lots of unique and interesting beads and jewelry findings to be discovered there.
    - I trimmed up the feathers on the pauldron with a rotary cutter to get a nice edge, then I roughed them up a little since Morrigan has been living out in the wilds for quite a while...

    That's about it! Thanks for reading.
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    This is gorgeous. Very well done! How much did you charge? It looks like a lot of work and materials. Do you have a sketch of how the cowl was constructed? I really like the back detailing.



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