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Not sure if this has been a topic of discussion before. I saw a dude was selling a customized "Morph Suit" which seems extremely smart to try out, especially considering how often we all complain about wearing latex during Summer events and conventions. But he's selling them for like $450, which to me seems extremely overpriced considering how much a plain morph suit actually costs. That and I could easily have someone make me a torso casting in latex and painted for an extra $50.

I wonder if anyone has made custom morphsuits with reptile or predator skin before elsewhere, because I found a place that sells custom suits that look like spiderman, venom, carnage, etc. and those were like under $100 if I remember.

Has anyone seen this morph suit on eBay yet? Tried it out? Found another person that does it cheaper?



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contact Joe D Evans on Facebook. he takes commissions for stuff like that. he has done a few predator skin morphsuits in the past. his work is top notch


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I’m also interested if anyone does morph suits pre patterned or know where to get them. Or has a good guide on painting them yourself if needed. I have an airbrush and am willing.
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