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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by eaviii, Jan 17, 2006.

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    Just need advice or help from fellow programmers out there- The game is pretty darn near completion and working very well except I have run into some issues wiith slow down- Part of the problem is the stored images, many of the animations are shuffled textures (explosions) and, although this saves time in some ways, it may ultimately eat up some memory as the bitmaps can be good sized. I am taking down the resolution on as many as possible but wanted some help converting the analog gauges to objects-

    The gauge on the left is 1% and on the right is 100%
    The gauges in the game fill in a semicircle aad empty similarly- It would speed things up immeasurably if there was a simple segmented 3d model that could serve this purpose by hiding limbs rather than flipping 50-100 textures from empty to full-

    I am already doing image compression to reduce the workload but figure there must be a less obtuse way to do this- Also, if anyone knows how to limit the decimal place limits for real numbers in DarkBasic, that would be helpful-



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