More fun with fiberoptics - lighting a Star Destroyer - FIN!


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I saw it posted there last week. I knew that piece of beauty was yours even before I saw who did it. It is tryuly a magnificant job. Top notch. I have the AMT/Ertl Star Destroyer and only hope I can do it a tenth as well.


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Why can't I see the entire list of replies on this thread??? It stops showing after about 10 or so replies!!

I even sent a note to the Admins a few days ago... still no word. If anybody has any suggestions, please PM me. Thanks!



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thanks again for the compliments, folks.

Russ, I just looked and it's busted for me as well on Page1, after Bizarro's 9/25 comment. But pages 2 & 3 are still ok.

I'll take another look and see if there were any particular good shots or tips in that broken section..