Mordin Bust Mass Effect 2 Sculpt


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So I've been working on Mordin for the past two days, as you can see his jaw area and neck still need alot of work but this is where he sits as of now. I'd like to hear some advice on what to do with his eyes, something just seems off, oh they're dollar tree ladels that i cut off :lol

nick daring

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Always helps to show what the goal is when asking for advice. :)





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once the nostrils are added it will give you a better idea of the layout of his head.

One thing I notice is that the eyes are sitting very flat on this. If you look at the pictures kindly provided by nick, youll see the sockets shoot outwards.
Also, try making the mouth region a touch more skinny (if you can, this is for a mask im assuming?).

Here is a quick pic of my thane mask I made :


Interesting trivia on this : The lenses I used were an old pair of Darth Vader lenses provided by a friend xD


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Here's an update! Thanks Nick, I forgot to put up my reference pic. I'm pretty much done with him, there are some minor things around the neck and his eyes need a bit more tweaking, but overall I'm very pleased with him :)

nick daring

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It's getting there but you could nail some of the proportions a bit better in a few places.

The shape of eyes would be an easier and super important change I'd make. The outer corners need to come up a good bit otherwise it makes him looks droopy and sad.

Here's a photoshop lineup to help compare and contrast.


Hope that helps.

Great stuff.



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So I have run into an accuracy problem , basically every reference photo I look at of Mordin has a slight difference to it, whether it be the angles of the face or the distance of his cheek bones, the photos show the two I've been using. My goal is to get somewhere between these two, but thanks Nick for the photo, you can see the changes I made, and between the two pictures you can see where I'm headed, he's almost there :).......
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The only thing I can notice is that his top lip isn't quite in co with the picture. But other than that it looks wonderful! Great sculpting!

Cheers, Dave.
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