Monty Python reunites for new film.


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So they are finally going to do this it has been talked about for years glad to see them doing it.

Wes R

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This is basically what everyone's been waiting for since they broke up. I'm glad they're doing it too as none of them are looking all that healthy other than Terry Jones.


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Eric isn't in it?

I love all of them but he was my favorite.

I guess he would probably say, "always look on the bright side!" at least it is happening...

But wow you just kinda need Eric AND Clease... For it to REALLY be Python.

Kinda happy to hear... Kinda bummed. May just be a lil too late.

Guess we will see.

Wes R

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I was disappointed to see that Clease wasn't on the dvd of "Not the Messiah" but I'm assuming it was a scheduling thing as they always are willing to work together. Eric could be on tour or something.


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Awesome! Can't wait to see more of Terry Gilliam's Python work. Isn't he still trying to get that Don Quixote movie going?

Wes R

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I love how varied their projects are. Terry Jones does historical documentaries with his odd sense of humor, Terry Gilliam makes very odd but usually good movies, John Cleese is john cleese, and Eric Idle does voice acting and music.
Well Cleese was in two Bond films so that sort of counts. lol
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