Montreal Comiccon. Anyone going?

Darph Bobo

Sr Member
Probably won't be as grand as SDCC or DC, but I'm just happy to get some kind of CC goodness! Here are some of the guests,

Adam West, Burt Ward, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, James Marsters, Mercedes Mcnab, Jeremy Bulloch, Maria De Aragon (Greedo), to name a few. Dave Prowse was going to be attending, but health issues had him cancel.

Guest of Honor? Stan Lee!

I'll be wandreing about on Sunday the 18th (taking pics) and I'm going to have my Moebius Iron Man autographed by Stan Lee!

more info with the link:

Montreal Comiccon - Comic book convention, sci-fi, horror, manga/anime, fantasy and video games
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