Mondo Trek TNG Borg poster

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Excellent design, but not exactly an episode I would want to be reminded of when I look at it. Don't get me wrong. It's a pretty good episode with great character growth from Picard and even Guinan (Bonus points for Star Trek using real fencing). It just serves as a sad reminder that

A. All that growth Picard had in this episode was retconned so he can become mad with revenge in first contact.
B. The Borg were never treated the same way again, and it was all for the worst.

Still, excellent poster. Glad his stuff sells well.

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Not the windows (though I don't know why those are red), the big circular part on the yacht that the artist has coloured red. They may be taking liberties with the colour scheme, or trying to highlight the Captain's Yacht, but it just looks like someone added an extra deflector on the saucer.
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