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Dryer helped a little but not enough. Though I stirred my rondo for four or five minutes it looks like it wasn't mixed well enough causing the slight tackiness. Not much I can do other than scrap the old and make a new batch correct?
The tackyness is normal for rhondo just as long as its hard your ok, u can always use baby powder to make it not tacky
as long as you did your catalyst ratios correctly, then you are ok. rondo will stay tacky for a while. like a few days before it is totally nontacky. you just gotta wait.

don't listen to me.
Guys all honesty, It shouldnt stay tacky at all. Its bodyfiller, creme hardener and fiberglass resin catalyzed should cure fast and it should be rock hard. I use it to create molds for running silicone. I depend on being able to demold and clean quickly ..then pour. If its still tacky after a day, then you did not catalyze correctly. The other thing Im confused about here is why even do this for a mother mold? you could just use resin, straight glass, plaster bandage or stone for a jacket. either one will last as long as that silicone.
hahaha ..naw bro the end if it holds up, then its all good. But in honesty most of the times that we use rondo is to capture detail from a sculpt in wed clay ..then make a full glass mold. Gel coat produces a exothermic reaction ..not good on WED..the steam or moisture prevent the gel coat from curing. So if we need to bang out a quick and dirty mold to run a silicone creature suit or what have ya, its rondo then fiberglass. Let sit over night ..crack and clean the mold ...let it dry ..then Im running silicone right after. So I would need this mold to be rock hard and ready to accept the casting material asap. If it was tacky..there would be a problem.
The rondo did cure. The ratio might have been off a little but after two hours under a hair dryer there was no tacky. From what I gather using rondo and fiberglass for the mold is so it remains light weight for slushing. Silicone cause it's so easily removable. This is my first go around so I'm just following the huntorials and help I've been given. :)
Good thing the dryer worked. It should have worked on basic principle but sometimes you miss the time window. Technically all resin needs to cure is heat, but usually they create their own from the chemical reaction. I once saw someone pour out old polyester and let it sit in the sun, and it was rock hard in 3 days. They we threw it in the trash. If it is well mixed (for the temperature of the room) then you should be set in a few hours like PT says. Glad you were able to salvage this one.
oh ...i had meant to show you this BTW ..just another product to add to the arsenal. My buddy Frank Ippilito helped develop this with smooth-on,

check it out would actually work fine as a mother mold material. He used it to make molds for silicone prosthetics or Imats this year
Oh yeah, I just got an e-mail from them about this product the other day. Very cool stuff. Not sure how I'm liking the fiberglassing yet. Someone forgot their safety glasses and has a lil eye irritation. . . . :rolleyes:
Heh, no one likes fiberglassing man, it's a pain. I saw that epoxy putty too, I might have to try and get some of that.
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