Molding a Sculpt for Silicon Mask Help.


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So my friend and I have been working on a Sculpt for an Alien from a Show and we are getting to the point where we need to plan ahead on molding the sculpt. So far we have the head mostly done just needs some fine tuning and detail work. Then we move onto the Neck and shoulders area. But ive been trying to research on how to do these molds for the masks. This is my first mask sculpt ever. I am familiar with the molding process for props like helmets and weapons. Ive been told that this process is a little more in-depth. So far the only way Ive seen to cast a silicone mask is by using a gravity fed mold with bleeding points with a core inside the mold. Does anyone have a tutorial or know of a thread that can kinda go over these processes?


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Is it just a face piece, or a full head piece. If it's only a face piece you could do a squeeze mold, or an injection mold to cast the piece. If it's a two piece then you really can only do a injection mold or gravity fed mold. I prefer the gravity because you don't have to waste a lot of silicone that has to stay in the tube to make sure you keep constant pressure on the silicone to keep it flowing. You do end up with more clean up work doing gravity, but to me that's a hell of a lot cheaper than the wasted silicone. Check out Stuart Bray on youtube. He just did some silicone molds. Also check out Neill Gorton's character in silicone prosthetics DVD. Goes through every step there is to making an injection mold.
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