Molding a real gun, looking for help.


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I am looking for some help molding and casting a real revolver so I can display it as a prop. Specifically, I want a replica of Biffs S&W .38spl from BTTF.
I currently have the real gun setup as it was in the movie except mine is not stainless steel like Biffs. I want to know what steps should be taken so that I get a clean mold and don't harm my revolver in the making.
I realize this will be a two part mold, clay the bottom, create keys for the top half etc... I saw in one video someone put an earplug in the barrel, should I do that to both ends of the barrel as well as the revolver cylinders? what about moving components? Does anyone have any recommendations on what materials I should use for the mold and or cast?
I am excited to add another prop to my BTTF collection!


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I started that thread, and since then I've molded the S&W revolver. I used alumilite silicone from hobby lobby, and it turned out pretty well. I used clay and aluminum tape to seal up all the holes, and it still had silicone everywhere I didn't want it. I had to remove the cover plate to clean it all out. I didn't even attempt the cylinder, as I didn't really need it for what I'm working on. I might cast it as a seperate part if I did it again today.
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