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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by BlindSquirrel, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. BlindSquirrel

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    This may be a dumb idea but.....

    has anyone ever tried using a spray grease like Pam as a mold release? It seems an aerosol would be a good way to cover fine detail.
  2. jakob2121

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    Dunno. Hobby Lobby carries a little spray bottle of mold release for $3.98. might as well go that route.
  3. Jestefarean

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    There are several mold releases that come in aerosol...I normally prefer the eco friendly non aerosol with a brush, but use both.

    As for using PAM...Ive heard of people making their own mold releases...but I have had some odd results even using one companies release with other resins. (bubbling for instance) Also, mold life is always a key factor. For a few extra dollars I'd rather not risk a mold tearing early or getting bad casts....
  4. ricksprops

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    Are you releasing RTV from RTV or Urethane from RTV ?
  5. weaselflinger

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    I've used it as a mold release for Jell-o shots. Works great.
  6. BlindSquirrel

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    I KNEW it was a dumb idea. I hadn't tried it yet. It was just one of those thoughts that pops into your brain in the wee hours (after spray painting in an unventilated room). :wacko
  7. CaptCBoard

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    The only time I use a mold release is when I'm casting RTV against RTV or resin against resin. If you are asking what to use when making the mold, what to put onto the part so it will come free of the rubber, in the case of silicone RTV you don't need a mold release. If you are using a urethane RTV, I can't advise.

    If you are casting urethane resin into a silicone mold, no release is necessary. I know that's going to go against what a lot of people say here, but I've been casting urethane for over 15 years and have yet to find it necessary to use a release. Save your money.

    When casting RTV against RTV, just use Vaseline. Brush on a very light coat no more than 5 minutes before pouring and the two halves will come apart with no resistance.

    If you are going to cast a resin against resin, first apply wax and buff it out so it shines. Resin won't stick to resin anyway, but this makes separating the parts easier.

  8. juno

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    I use Pam when welding to prevent metal-on-metal spatter from sticking. Butter flavor makes it smell like you're cooking too.
  9. WookieeGunner

    WookieeGunner Well-Known Member

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    I have heard of people using Pam as a mold release, but they say to make sure you clean both the mold and the cast really well or it can start mildewing.
  10. Sidewinder

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    I agree with CaptCBoard, I don't use anything for RTV/Resin - never had a problem.

  11. cobywan

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    The only thing I spray into silicone is silicone. I have been using a little Scoth Guard from time to time to condition my molds. It seems to me that they loose thier fluid silicone component in the mold cavity over time. I had better results from the mold I did this to compared to the one I didn't to it to.
  12. seswa

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    when my husband makes the short and long clone rifles which are Moldmax 30 molds that have a fiberglass mother mold we use universal mold release it comes in 12oz can i believe it is aerosol and believe it or not baby powder ontop of the universal mold release...the baby powder seems to help the resin find its way into all the little nooks that might end up being airbubbles when we don't use it...

    he gets all his supplies from they have several talented antisans on staff that will spend time with you on the phone and answer all your questions they were the ones that gave us the advice of the baby powder...

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