Mogwai and Gremlins Project


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Just started a wee project to sculpt and build some of the characters from the Gremlins franchise.

Over the course of the project I hope to make a replica of Gizmo, Stripe (Mogwai form) and the spider Gremlin for the 2nd film plus Stripe in his Gremlin state too.

I've started with what I thought would be the easier of the four, Gizmo.

The plan with the construction of Gizmo, will consist of a few different techniques.

Below is my rough construction sketch of the prop Gizmo. (apologies for the orientation, the blog entry doesn't seem to let change it)

So Gizmo's body will made from a lightweight upholstery foam and glued into components: head, lower and upper arm, leg and of course his fat little body.There is no need to sculpt these as they will eventually be covered in fur. The ears, face, hands and feet are to be sculpted moulded in Herculite Plaster and run in latex. Latex to keep the prop lightweight. I will also be adding a small simple wire skeleton/armature to the body to allow the hands and arms to be positioned. I could also turn this guy into a rod puppet by swapping the stiff wire armature for a string one.....depending the outcome I might also produce one that is an articulated puppet or marionette. The body will then be covered in fur in a few techniques, wrapping in faux fur, hand laying and flocking.

So this is where I am at currently.


Currently in the blocking out/rough phase of the face. I thought Gizmo would be easier but he's proving to be quite tricky and probably will be more of a challenge than the Gremlins. Shapes are still changing. I've also added the brow and cheeks even though these will be hidden under fur. These forms will allow the hair to fall and lie the same way as the original Gizmo's fur. This is the area where I will have to do a lot of hand laying and flocking. I will be swapping the eyes for solid blanks that I will paint up.

Also finding really detailed reference photos is proving to be a challenge for the characters, so if anyone has any great links, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for checking out the Gremlins project so far!


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So the sculpts have been completed now I found some time between work and what not. I also purchased some great detail tools from Kens Tools or PS Composites (UK supplier) to help with the smaller details on hands and feet.

All parts have been mostly moulded in Herculite Plaster. I am doing one in silicone and another in Latex hence the selection of the Herculite for the moulding material. I'm just waiting for the other half of the ear to set and will then mould the last bits.

I ordered the eye blanks which arrived today. Just waiting on the brown fur. The moulds have latex in and eagerly waiting to see how it will turn out.

Next I have to paint Gizmo's eyes, hoping to start tomorrow, and work out the net and proportions for his foam body. I am also looking for images for Gizmo's box that once his is complete he will also live in. If anyone knows of some great links for ref pics, would be much appreciated otherwise I'll be watching Gremlins for my homework tomorrow.

12309436_10153785103854533_1996363403_n.jpg 12283005_10153785102819533_1145679635_n.jpg 12278008_10153785103274533_1712964685_n.jpg 12243576_10153779233909533_211228922459541357_n.jpg 12243546_10153779233714533_6223721033550293315_n.jpg 12243197_10153779233414533_8938352669337508290_n.jpg 12241529_10153779234159533_7081847092283697461_n.jpg 12234850_10153779233054533_8030937213300143380_n.jpg


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Latex pieces are finally out of the mould! Took ages to dry. The ears were slightly wet inside as I believe this was down to the wet english weather, don't normally have a problem in the summer.

Any tips on helping the 2 part moulds dry faster? Even at room temp they're taking days to dry.

12318422_10153792900869533_1284978477_o.jpg 12299717_10153792901309533_353375687_o.jpg
slipped out the moulds well, not too many air bubbles.

12318131_10153792900004533_1985560354_o.jpg 12312183_10153792899569533_543170624_n.jpg 12311713_10153792900579533_52018318_o.jpg 12297793_10153792900179533_1556670117_o.jpg
Now to seam and fill up the lil tiny air bubbles here and there. Will also be doing a silicone copy of Gizmo too, so next step is to mix up the silicone and put in the moulds.


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Cheers Odin. Hope I can get the eyes right for the guy! That's going to be the tricky part, Have some plastic eye blanks to paint


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Tech Optics should be able to sort you out with replica eyes. Not the cheapest, but they are one of the best.
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