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Hello everyone. Last year I started a Moff Gideon build and I had a great time but I'm not going to be able to finish it. I have other things to focus on right now (don't worry it's nothing serious).
I'm selling my partially assembled Season 1 Moff Gideon.

First of all I am 6 feet tall
weight 240 lbs
Size 12 feet (US)

This partial package includes the following:

  1. 3d printed armor (do3d files), includes modifications and redesigns made by me. Sanded, painted and includes 2 attachments, a harness or a back plate. The back plate was never painted as I find it unnecessary due to it never been seen on screen so I used the harness instead. The red and white center buttons light up with a 9v battery (not included).
  2. Synthetic leather gloves and clasps. The gloves are Med sized but fits most hands. The clasps are 3d printed in resin and designed by me.
  3. Synthetic belt Sash with greeble. Both the glove sleeves and the sash are made of the same material and these were designed by Me and made by the Late Aaron Landeros (aka Landher). It is 51" long and I wear size 36 (waist) jeans.
  4. The boots are Leather from CROWPROPS from Giovanni Rodriguez size 12. These were the first ones ever made and are just incredible. Very comfortable as well as accurate.
  5. Modified airsoft Walther P38 with 3d printed accessories. Designed by yours truly.
  6. Resin printed Dark saber hilt. It is accurate to Season 1 and can be used as a belt hanger or fitted with electronics. However its resin so its not meant for dueling.

It's never easy when you start a costume from scratch with barely no parts available to source. I spent hundreds of hours gathering images and discussing them, prototyping and screwing stuff. But then again, I just cant afford to continue.

So If anyone is interested on this set I am asking for $1250 USD. Buyer pays for shipping (world wide is possible) and paypal fees.



Archivo_000(1).jpeg Archivo_001(1).jpeg Archivo_002(1).jpeg Archivo_003.jpeg

Belt and gloves
Archivo_005.jpeg Archivo_000.jpeg Archivo_003(2).jpeg Archivo_000(2).jpeg Archivo_002(2).jpeg

Archivo_003(1).jpeg Archivo_004.jpeg

Archivo_001.jpeg Archivo_002.jpeg



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