Moebius new Orion


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Well, at about 29`` in length, this should be good for the 2001 fans. Not too small (Airfix, Aurora, Moebius) and not too big (Capt. Cardboard).
Didn`t see the price yet.


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I read that bc of licensing costs, there will be no Pan-Am decals included. Are you guys going to print your own or.....?


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I thought Pan Am went bankrupt, but apparently, after looking it up, a small vestige still exists.

It is not a difficult logo to replicate.



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Hi fellow 2001 fans.
I've been told this Orion is apparently 1/72 scale. The model I created for Atomic City was estimated between 1/48 and 1/55th scale. But it is "studio scale".
I have not been contacted to advise on the patterning for this kit. But hope i do.... i can see it has accuracy problems.
The (Moebius) Aries1b is a styrene re-creation of my resin 1/48 Aries 1b I created and sold many years ago.
Price estimates for each kit will be over $200. Both kits are not certain to be produced.
Pan-Am still owns copyright and license privileges. It is VERY expensive to license anything through them.

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