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I posted some of these renders over on HobbyTalk, but I figure there may be one or two Proteus fans lurking about the RPF.

Just in time for the 50th Anniversary of “Fantastic Voyage”…. a 1/32 scale injection-molded model kit of the submarine Proteus. The assembled model will measure approximately 16 inches in length, and will feature a full interior, with the option of a removable top. No word on figures yet, but if they’re not included with the kit they will almost certainly appear as an aftermarket item.

There have been a few vac-form and resin kits of this subject over the years, along with a small white metal version IIRC, but this will be the first injection-molded Proteus model to hit the shelves – at least, in the western world (the Japanese released a kiddie-friendly kit in `67, but good luck finding one).

Drawing from dozens of reference sources, the Moebius Proteus will be the most accurate version of the full-scale mockup* ever produced.

No word on price yet, but I’ll keep you posted. Expect the kit to ship in mid-2016.**

* There are numerous small but crucial differences between the full-scale mockup and various FX miniatures built for “Fantastic Voyage.” Our intension has been to recreate the details and hull contours found on the full-scale mockup because we feel that version best represents designer Harper Goff’s original vision. It is, in short, the sleeker, sexier, more streamlined incarnation of the sub.

** Barring any unforeseen delays. (-:

We're getting the Eagle, the Proteus... now if we can get a styrene POTA Icarus my pre-Star Wars childhood will be satisfied!

EDIT -- Scratch that. I also need a styrene Discovery One and Aries. Come one, people, get on this! Chop-chop!
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I never had a big emotional connection to the movie, but that ship design is old school cool. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, the movie is something you probably had to grow up with to appreciate. Not to date myself, but Fantastic Voyage was one of the first live-action movies I ever saw in a movie theater. Obviously this was during the pre-Star Wars stone age when big budget science-fiction films were very few and far between. I can't tell you how different, futuristic, exotic and "realistic" this design seemed back then. In 1966 the Proteus, along with the Enterprise, represented a quantum leap in speculative vehicle design. In its own small way, the success of Fantastic Voyage may have paved the way for Star Wars, for without F.V. Fox might never have green-lit Planet of the Apes, and had Apes bombed Fox would almost certainly have passed on Star Wars. Whatever its artistic shortcomings, Fantastic Voyage represents the first big budget science-fiction film of the modern (post-50's) age.
Hello I myself love this model the sub is like the movie fantastic, just so you know this Kit will be out later part of this year its September now and here in a week or so will be October. I have myself on a order list for this kit and have been updated on its coming the kit cost 89.00 plus shipping. Can't wait want to see this go to www.CultmanTv get on the order list wont be long now as the monkey said when he got his tail caught in the fan... LOL . Thanks....Jim
Yep love those pics but I can wait but it will be withdrawing hard but can do it, I went on and got the Enterprise kit the big one but I really have so may kits to build and many many parts to get but as for the Proteus sub Love it and at least I am on a preorder list and it as good as mine I just have to sit and drool over the pics of it for the mean time but as said get on a list so you can at least get the better price. Thanks for the info great pics Thanks ....Jim
Well, the rest can all get excited over new Star Wars, Star Trek or BSG-new series models but I am very excited about Moebius' decision to issue a model of this craft.
I absolutely love the film and like this ship more than the Nautilus.
Just as with AMT's decision to reissue the "Man from U.N.C.L.E." Piranha, I am surprised to see another model company put time and resources in releasing a kit of topic that must be obscure in current time, or at least have a fanbase that I would consider too small to justify the effort. I sincerely wish to be wrong on that assumption.
Either way: thank you Moebius.

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