Moebius Cylon eye ?


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Just hoping I could get some places that offer the sweeping red eye for a moebius cylon centurion model please.

thanks for your time


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You could buy a knock-off/clone version of an Arduino Pro Mini or something, and then use your own leds (and hence be placed where you need them to be placed)..

for alot cheaper.. and a little bit of time [and open source/free code] :)

example pro mini: (same as regular Arduino more or less.. smaller form factor)

Instructable on how to do it:

(not sure if this is completely correct, I believe the lasron scanner effect (often referred to as the cylon effect) has the two outer leds a bit dimmer than the main/middle one)

I'm not sure how many leds you need to be accurate? (You only get so many I/O pins to use on the Arduino.. so it may reflect what one you want to use)
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