ModJob's 2013 Halloween costume contest entry, Last Minute Zombie Iron Man

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Hey all, so I decided since i'd already made a cardstock Mk42 Helmet (many thanks to Gimpee who's pep file I used, think it was a mod I will check and credit the modder as well) and seen as it was my first attempt I would give the whole fibreglass thing a go and then use it for a Halloween costume.

My costume as a whole wasn't particularly amazing, and thrown together last minute, but the focus here was on the Helmet, which i'm rather impressed with :)

So I printed it out on 200gsm cardstock, discovered the laborious joys of marking and cutting whilst watching all of the Black Adder series/2 seasons of Star Trek TNG, and then assembled using Extra Strong Pritt Stick (I had worries about this but it seems to hold up to the resining process fine).

Once all the pieces where done, it stayed in my room collecting dust for a few months until I got round to the fibreglassing, I applied one coat of resin on the outside and then glued some fibreglass to the inside (this was not very neat, rushed it a little but it did the job). Once the inside had been soaked in resin and left to dry, the next thing was to attack it with a dremel!

Future reference!! Apply fibreglass as neatly as possible! This will make the cutting process a lot simpler.
I hacked away for a good number of hours, breaking many dremel pieces and wearing down the metal ones till no teeth were left and eventually the 3 parts to the helmet came off. This is mega satisfying! After a small amount of sanding by hand you place the parts back together and realise you have something that could just about work :)

I would of liked to make the helmet smoother by applying body filler and sanding down, but time did not allow, so you can see the join lines from the pep stage.
Never the less, I bought some primer and car spray paint from Halford's (Ford colours, I will find out which and update this post), so once all the dremeling and sanding was done, it was time to paint.

I applied 2 coats of primer, and then 2 coats of paint, then the next day lacquered the lot before modding the faceplate for the skull parts.

Ok so the idea was originally to cut just under half the faceplate off and have half a skull on the inside, so I had bought a plastic replica skull off amazon, however on the final day of I realised there was no way for me to get the helmet on my head and have half a skull inside without seriously hacking away at the back of the face of the skull, so I had to settle for teeth and jaw only.
This was slightly disappointing, however it turned out great!

Again, the costume itself was very minimal, I resined and painted a palm I had already done then added 3 blood lines on my arm, the story being i'd got into a fight with Zombie wolverine :p, but other than that I had no time to zombie up my tshirt (that and my black sabbath tshirt didnt arrive :( still waiting on that)
Note on the palm there was no light but the material I put on the inside of the hole reflected the camera flash nicely!

Arc reactor was very basic, one of those stick on the wall LED lights with a pattern I quickly printed off a google image search taped onto the front, I attached this to a sleeveless and wore that under a black top.

So here it is, a few progress shots and the final product, confirmation pic to follow. Unfortunately I don't have a better final pic, and the pose is lame, but nevermind.

zim1.jpg zim2.jpg zim2.jpg zim4.jpg zim5.jpg zim6.jpg zim7.jpg zim8.jpg zim9.jpg zim10.jpg zim11.jpg

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