Model Sets to buy for Studio Scale Modeling

Hi there.
I know i barely post here, and have never produced anything of merit, but i do lurk and watch progress threads etc. I hope I can be forgiven for not doing anything, I am short on both time and money what with studies et al.

Well onto the point. I have been looking at the techniques used to build studio scale models, like the Star Destroyer and so on, and have picked up on the "kit bashing" technique used by the designers at ILM in the 70's and 80's.


So I thought I would like to design my own ship, using the same kit bashing technique (under, undetailed "3D Canvas", and then kit parts). But what kit parts to use? What scales are best, what types of models have the most parts? You get the gist. Any advice for a novice would be greatly appreciated.

Oliver..... No money and kitbashing are two terms that usually don't go together unless you are talking about the status of your wallet after getting some kits. ILM used all scales from 1/9th down to 1/750th. As the scale of the kitparts doesn't relate to the scale of your model you can use just about any kit for the build. I would concentrate on mainly tanks and ships but with a few aircraft if need be. As a general rule.... The bigger the kit , the more it costs, although if ya know what a sea lab is that rule can also be dismissed.
In saying that ILM was not satisfied with just using a full part from a kit and they often cut many pieces up to get the particular look of a part they liked. You would probably cringe today at the thought of cutting up some of the kits they used in 1977.

Having no money only means you need to be resourceful and you are, quite literally, in the position to say "whatever looks good".

Here is a good example of resourceful kitbashing.
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