Model gas strut.


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Hi all.
I would like to replicate this gas strut. I have small tube and rod and I can create the flat end. Not sure about the ball joint the other end yet but.
Asking you clever chaps.. do you know of a way to make this strut lockable? It`s used to hold a door up ( fairly heavy for it`s size ) and I was wondering if anyknow had any ideas as to how I can make this lockable in the extended position.

I`m pretty good with making stuff.. and I can design and 3D print pretty much anything myself.

Anyone have any ideas??

Thanks so much



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to lock it you could either have a pin to go through both inner and outer tube or some sort of clamp. getting anything that small working is going to be tough. I'd probably just have a second strut as a prop to hold it open, or maybe spring to hold it open?


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I don’t know what size of shaft you are using, but maybe a small wheel collar like used on R/C aircraft wheels would work. Would slide over the shaft and lock it in position with a set screw.

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