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Want to Buy Mod my air mags for me!

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by chuck2003, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. chuck2003

    chuck2003 Active Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Hello everyone,

    Im looking for some one to mod my Nike Air mags for me. I have no skill in doing things like this so I'd rather have some one do it for me that knows what they are doing.

    I will send as much of the materials needed for the mods with the shoes and If anything else is needed I will purchase and have it sent to you.

    I NEED this done and shipped to my door ready to go before the end of September. I Plan to wear my future Mcfly outfit at New York Comic Con this year.
    I'm looking to have the following mods done to my shoes

    -Toe box mod (slimmer profile)
    -Replace LED In sole to EL
    -Replace Sole with new clear sole
    -Replace leds on the heel with brighter/better LEDS
    -Add Nike EL badge to the ankle strap
    -Replace crappy Nike Logo with Markpoon Nike Logo
    -Add bigger battery to power shoes for longer
    -Add on off switch to the white trim area
    - Flatten ribs for the laces so they are not as pronounced

    Please message me if you can do this for me and how much it can cost. I have purchased so far the Markpoon strap upgrade kit and the Markpoon Nike logo. I will also be purchasing the clear soles from Cavx in the next day or so. Any other materials/items that need to be purchased let me know and I will purchase and have them sent to you

    Thanks for looking!

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