MMI Scarlet Viper Conversion-Sources?


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Does anyone know of sources other than Federation or Hangar 18? I've looked all over and have come up empty handed for just about all of MMI's conversion kits for the Viper.


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Yeah, tried that but their policy is not to sell to individuals. I did send an e-mail Monday asking if they could "bend" policy a little.


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Hey all, MMI here.

Well, we have been gearing up for Wonderfest (as in getting stuff done for FedMod), so, if I haven't answered your email... Sorry about that.

You emailed me?? What were you looking for?? I don't seem to remember it. Ugh!! My mind is going. I can feel.


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Hi John, no problem I figured you folks were a bit busy. I had e-mailed asking about the Viper kits, I'm specifically looking for the Scarlet conversion, seated pilot, cockpit, landing gear). I tried Federation and Hangar 18 but their both out of just about everything and said to try you directly or back with them later this summer... Also, I had seen your post about the raider detail kits and wondered if there was any news?


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