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    I've chosen to make the full Scorpion costume from MKX; always been my fav character. Since I'm new to this whole world, I'm looking for advice. I've got a bunch of reference pictures, and I'm building the mask from a pep file I've found. Once I'm done with the mask(and gluing my fingers together), I'll start on the costume. I've got a rough idea of how I'm going to build it; but no solid plan or set of instructions.

    I don't know what kind of material to use for the yellow part of his costume. It almost looks like a tighter weaved version of burlap; but I wouldn't know.

    Anything that might be helpful would be appreciated. I really don't know much about fabrics, or what would look correct. I want this to be a long term project that will give the best end result.

    These are the reference pics I've been using.

    58e25f40d9da393c450455dcaf9d1755.jpg mortal-kombat.jpg Mortal-Kombat-X-Scorpio-Wallpaper.jpg mortal_kombat_x___scorpion_by_theomeganerd-d7ks8sh.png mortal_kombat_x_scorpion.jpg

    As i complete parts of the costume, I'll update this posting.
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