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Due to personal reasons, and a different direction in life I want to focus on, I will be letting a few things go. One of which is this Mk2 prototype suit.

First off….. THIS SUIT STILL NEEDS WORK!!! I’ve been working on it for almost 2 years. Started off with some early designs, before jumping into modeling and than fabricating it.

The suit is made up of 3D printed material, and held together using an array of machine screws, bolts, and pistons.

The suit isn’t without its issues, however…. One being weight, and another being putting it on. Their are a few of things that need replaced, one being, the joint that holds the knee and leg together. ( I can do that before shipping ) also some of the wiring for the lights and things, etc….

If I haven’t mentioned already, the suit IS WEARABLE!! It just needs some work. I’ve done about 3/4 of the suit already, now it’s up to another brilliant mind to finish it, or simply DISPLAY it!! Lol

I’m hoping someone can really appreciate this, as much as I do, because of the nature of this suit. I’m limiting shipping just within the first 48 US states.

Lastly. Before anyone gripes about the price, please keep in mind. This suit is a very custom build, with a lot of trial and error going into it. Also the boots alone are worth 30% of the price. Most full or completed Ironman suits sell for 10k plus!!! I have already completed 3/4 for you.

If interested in separate parts, please PM or email me ( ) and we can arrange something. Thank you all for your consideration!!!


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