mk 17 tsugumori costume


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Hey guys im looking to build a mk17 tsugumori for wearing to some cons im going to and loking for some help on materials.

Any one have a good idea of where to get eva foam sheets in the uk for cheaps and what to use to attach them together adhesive wise help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance folks


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hi Scyliz, cheapest place i know and easiest to find EVA foam is Halfords. they do the locking together floor mats and foam rolls. as for your build i googled a mk17 tsugumori as i didnt know what i was lol is it similar to this ?

if so its a big ass costume to you wanna go as light as possible EVA foam is light but that much of it would be a lump to walk around with try looking at transformers builds on here and online to get an idea of materials. good thing i found was there are blueprints for these types of models (if its the right sort) so a lot of hard work is done for ya.....hope it helped in some way.


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Thanks so much gothic yeh the pic isnspot on no idea how to attach one or i would have and thanks for the tips the eva is mainly for the legs and i wont be using the spear but the gun the mk17"s carry but ive built that already hehr
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