Mjolnir build - from scrap pieces

Mjolnir Build
Making a Mjolnir for current comics Thor cosplay. Rather than buy new materials I decided to see if I could make the whole thing from scraps in my meager shop (aka the corner of my garage).

-Pine board from an old entertainment center
-MDF board
-1" dowel from closet clothes hanger
-1" PVC pipe
-All Purpose Bondo
-3/4" Sintra
-1/8" Sintra
-EVA foam scraps (for filling up the interior of the hammer head to prevent the hammer from sounding hollow! Of course.)
-Paint: Rustoleum Metallic silver, Rustoleum Cyrstal Coat
-10" table saw

Pretty straight forward, though I will show the step by step in follow on posts. I made the end caps out of MDF (this was a mistake, they are pretty soft and don't stand up that well to Con wear and tear). I sleeved the PVC over the dowel, putting plenty of Loctite epoxy in the PVC prior to pushing the dowel in, then I went farther and counter sunk holes for two 1" wood screw (handle was solid). I made a 6"x6"x9" box with the pine and drilled holes and countersunk for 2" drywall screws. I put Loctite epoxy in each of the holes prior to putting the screws in (three per side). Drilled a hole for the handle and epoxied the end and then attached it to the 'top' of the interior of the box with another 2" drywall screw (drilled and countersunk). Filled the interior of the hammer with EVA scraps, glued the end caps on and then sanded prior to a bunch of Bondo layers. I'll cove the top 'cap' and the bottom of the handle in subsequent responses. But here is what it looked like 80%.