misfits simon for cosplay ideas on how to do invisibility ?


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hi guys for cons this year i want to do simon from misfits ,i decided early on that i was doing the jump suit but i didnt want to just put community payback on the back and job done i want some invisibility on the somewhere but wasnt too sure on how to do it other than how ive drawn up in the picture ,the way i was gonna do it was buy an orange jumpsuit from ebay and get a light blue felt (lighter than the blue in the picture) and have it covering my arm but have the spots and blobs just past it so it looks like im turning invisible if anyone else has other ideas im open to suggestions i think ive got a while until con season in the uk thanks for taking the time to read :) ps for some reason cant put the picture on so follw the link to my blog to see the picture its the top post :)