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Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome VS DupliColor Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect

After using both products, I have the following to say about them.

*The DupliColor product comes in a 6oz can, Spaz Stix in a 3.5oz can. Points to Rust-Oleum on quantity and price.
*Tested on the back side of identical clear urethane castings and on other glossy, clear plastics, Spaz Stix is marginally shinier.
*Spaz Stix chrome will dissolve Spaz Stix transparent colors and the colors will dissolve the chrome, even with Spaz Stix clear coat for their chrome as a barrier.
*The Rust-Oleum chrome is slightly dulled when oversprayed by Spaz Stix transparent color. Tested Candy Rootbeer brown, which turned the Spaz Stix chrome copper color. It's a neat effect but not when you need chrome and transparent brown together.
*Spaz Stix white and black backer paint works with the Rust-Oleum chrome.
*Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect does not work on styrene. It does the same "silver" metallic finish when viewed through the plastic as any other "silver" or "chrome" paint except...
*Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome does work on styrene. It'll turn a CD case lid into a mirror.
*Both products can be sprayed over and oversprayed with Dupli-Color Metalcast transparent colors. I've not tried Krylon X-Metals transparent colors.
*Not tested, spraying the two chromes over each other.

Krylon's Looking Glass paint is nowhere near as good as the Spaz Stix or Rust-Oleum mirror paints. While it doesn't produce the speckly "metallic" finish of other silver paints, it's nowhere near the reflectivity of these other two. The Spaz Stix backer paints and Metalcast transparent colors also work with the Looking Glass paint.

I could see an artist doing a multiple masking technique on a sheet of glass and using all three of these paints to produce a subtle effect for a mirror. Use Spaz Stix on the central reflecting area and inter-mix areas of Mirror Effect and Looking Glass for a detailed frame. How to mask it without ripping off previously applied paint, or preventing the three from dissolving one another - that's a problem.
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Thanks; it's always good to hear from real world testers about their experiences with these types of paints. I have the Spaz Stix but have not tried it yet. I will definitely pick up the Duplicolor and give it a shot.


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I can't find the Duplicolor Mirror Effect on their website...do you have a link to the actual product? Thanks.