Minor Threat WIP

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Minor Threat

Start Date: 5/22/10
End Date:

After years of wanting to do this I finally decided that as a college student home for the summer how else could I fill my time, other than building my dream costume. I am going for the AVP style look of armor and am not particular about the mask itself. I asked a lot of people and saw some awesome masks but I was in contact with Vinman about a P2 full mask with dreads, beads, and an awesome paint job so I pulled the trigger on it, and got it. I will have photos of the mask up once I get it.

So I decided that I would make my armor and skin. Not sure what to do for the hands or feet yet but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

First off was a lot of research I scanned the forms for days before actually making an account. I stumbled upon Vinman’s excellent templates for the AVP armor and I have created most of it so far out of foamies. The few pieces that I am still working on are the chest, gauntlets, shin armor, and backpack.

Here is a picture of the armor as is. I will of course be painting it but I have not yet decided on a paint scheme. I might also cover them in laytex to seal it all up but have not purchased any yet.


I started making my gauntlets with the Pringles can idea but when I completed the bottom I did not like the look. (not trying to step on any toes but I did not like how mine turned out, I have seen some on this form that turned out great)

I bought four pairs of shin guards to use as gauntlets. Two adult sizes and two youth sizes. I cut the Velcro off and placed one adult and one youth together to get the gauntlet look. I placed the adult on top and the youth on bottom as this gives better wrist and hand movement and more area to put blades or a bomb plate. The blades are made out of an Open House sign as this was a cheap way of doing it and the material should hold up. I have placed the blades on as of now and will cover the foam holding the blades in with foamies tomorrow.

Here are some photos:

The two shin guards together with nothing on them



Remember that Pringles can idea. It came in handy today when I placed it on top of the blades to cover them. It fits perfectly and does not look to bad.


I then started to try and cover the sides up and did a slant design, which I think will turn out pretty well. I will post some photos when I finish this phase.

I also will be starting on my bomb gauntlet today. It is however going to be slightly different in design. I will explain more when I have it done.

I thought of another way to make a duct tape dummy instead of just using old shirt/pants. I went to Home Depot and bought a full painters suit for under $10. They are huge and can accommodate almost anyone and I am only 5’8” so it was even bigger on me, but it works really well. I would suggest that you start taping the under arms so that you keep the shoulders form and once you do both of those then you can resize and tape the waist area as this is where most of the suits material is, but if you are taller you need not worry about this step.

While I was working on getting my duct tape dummy I laid strips of duct tape on my table and had a friend place them on me. While the strips were being applied my cat decided to jump on the table. I do not know if any of you have seen a cat jump onto about thirty strips of duct tape before but he was off of the table in under a half second. All the tape was wasted to as it attached to my cat and came off when he started to run out of the room… I thought it was funny but then realized that I would have to spend more time in the suit and I was already heating up.

Here is a photo of being tired and working to long and thinking something would make a good photo via its own shadow.

*I decided to call my Pred Minor Threat for a few reasons. I am only 5'8" and 140 lbs so it sort of fits. I am the guy everyone tends to underestimate and in the end I can compete with almost anyone even guys that have a half foot or more on me. And while I was typing this WIP up Rise Againsts remake of the song Minor Threat played off my itunes so it became the name. If anyone already has this name please let me know as I do not want to take someone elses name.

**Comments and criticism are helpfl beyond belief. If you do not like something and think that I can do better please let me know as I find this type of criticism most helpful.








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Awesome idea to use two shin guards for the gauntlets. May I ask how you connected them together? I imagine in the later steps you'll reveal what your gong to use to cover them with.

But anyway, they look awesome so far!


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Opps, I forgot to update this thread before I left.

I went on vacation so I have not had the time to take pics of my progress. I will when I return home in a few days. So far I have my mask, and muscle suit. So my major job when I get home is to latex the suit up and then paint it.

I still am looking for ideas on the backpack, canon, hands, and feet. I think I have an idea for the hands but am not sure if they will work with my guantlets.

As for covering the guantlets. I have them finished. I used Foamies to cover them and then I added some little additions to give it a more detailed look. And I connected them by using 90mph tape (duct-tape) on the inside. I cut the stretchy connections as it was to conjested. I looped multiple layers on the inside and then laid strips down ontop of that so they do not wrinkle when an arm is insterted into it. It took awhile before I came up with this set up of connection.


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I apologize for my tardiness in updating my WIP but I have been pretty busy. Here are a few pictures of my work so far.

Bicep Armor


Shin Armor Front and Back



I think the weathering on my shin armor is a little much. But this was my first attempt at weathering.



COD and Thigh Armor



Chest Armor. I might only use one piece but I'm not sure as of now. Guess we will see how it looks on my suit




Bomb Gauntlet - still needs some final touches like a bit more weathering and then some red symbols on the inside.





Blade Gauntlet



Synder P2 Mask which I got from Vinman. I added the quills and modified a lamp to display it. I love this mask. Thanks again Vinman.





I am currently working on my skin on my Flash suit. I do not have any pictures as of yet but I will post some when I start painting it. I will be updating probably by the end of the week along with my cannon and my hands. I am going on an alternate route for each of these that I have not seen before, I hope they end up looking good!

Comments are always welcome and wanted!

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I have no idea why they are so small. They are huge on my computer then when I uploaded them they shrank. I'll see what I can do.


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Looks like you've got the start of an awesome suit there mate. Well done, it's inspirational seeing this suit come together



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Well today I suited up and placed my chest armor, cannon, shin armor, cod piece, and thigh armor onto my skin. I also put on my mask and hands.

My dreads and cannon do not seem to like eachother yet though. I also only used front shin armor as my skin is still a little big on me as I am a small guy and having front and back pieces made it look a little off.

I have netting in the mail and that should be here soon. I did not however get the gauntlets to fit right yet. Still working on that, I should have that solved tomorrow. And lastly the only thing I need is feet.

Hope you guys like it, I know the skin turned out better than I thought it would. Just need to get a mannequin so I can put it on display.

Here is what I used for my hands. I went the armor route. They look sort of like the Ring Wraith armor from Lord of the Rings.


97% complete (not shown gauntlets, netting, and feet)





Let me know what you guys think!

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Great job man! You did an excellent job of matching the colors on your skin and mask and the canon mount looks good too.

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