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Hey everyone, kinda new around here, and was hoping some of you who are more experienced would be willing to give me a few pointers. I am in the Early stages of building a T2 style minigun prop out of PVC, wood, and a cordless drill, and i have some rough plans, but I would love some pointers from someone that knows a bit about these kinds of things or even maybe someone who has built one before. I'm using 4 inch pvc for the main body of the weapon, i believe 1/2 inch for the barrels, and it's being powered by a bottom end 18 volt 950rpm(im pretty sure) drill. Any and all help especially tips on construction or wiring or drive mechanisms would be very greatly appriciated.

Pics to come as i start construction.
Well its all wired up and the barrels spin although they aren't perminantly attached yet and there's a fair bit of athstetic work to do but here's a picture of it so far
Attached the faux motor housing, barrels are perminantly in place, and I've used some sealant to fix some gaps and stuff that were really bugging me, all thats left is the feeder delinker and the paint job, hopefully more pics to come tomorrow
Well I ended up finishing it and had an awesome time at the zombie walk I made this beast for, unfortunately 20 minutes before i left some drunk speared my little brother into it snapping the drive shaft and effectively ending its short lived exhistance as the Mk.1 of this prop, well time to get to the drawing board on the Mk.2 design but for now have some pictures. Also included is my Vault 101 armored jumpsuit costume, I was mobbed all day by the undead who for some reason wanted a picture with me a lot more than they wanted to take a bite out of me :cool
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