Miniature Back To The Future II Jacket


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Hi Everyone. I recently came across some material that looked very similar to the material used for the BTTF 2015 jacket but on a much smaller scale. I thought it might be fun to try to replicate the jacket but smaller and more affordable to those of us that only want the jacket to display and not to wear or to those that simply don't have the room to display a full size jacket. I mean, heck, us fans of the trilogy have miniature DeLorean time machines...why not a miniature replica of the famous jacket?

Here's a picture of the material

Now, this isn't latex but I figured for a scaled down version it would look pretty good.. I don't have the know-how to create the latex material from scratch like Edward did (which looked mindblowingly amazing)

With everything that I create I always do a prototype on my computer first to see if the idea could become a reality. Here's what I came up with.

Keep in mind this would be a small jacket...Approximately the size that would fit a Ken doll or something around that size (possibly a little bigger...I need to keep the red/black pattern to scale as much as possible). It would also be extremely affordable to make so that's a bonus.

As of right now the sleeves aren't latex either but if you guys have any ideas on how to obtain a small latex tube (maybe a bike inner tube?) I am open to suggestions!

Anyways, the purpose of this thread is to document my progress of trying to make a miniature BTTF 2015 jacket. Wish me luck!


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Cool project.

1/6 is a pretty common action figure size, I know a couple of people on here have had Marty custom made to that scale.

I'd buy one just to display :) Subscribed


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Good idea on going 1/6 scale. i think that's the route I'll go. any suggestions fot latex sleeves? i think the material i have will work because it kinda has that dull sheen that latex has but if i can actually use latex that would be even better.


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I am happy to report that this has become a collaborative effort and is going to see the light of day.

Work in progress

My part is basically just supplying the material for the jacket at this point :lol


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I don't like action figures so much, but now that I've seen your work, I'm about to change my mind. Great work! :)


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Something to look forward too! Im not a fan of small figure/dolls but this one is the first one that i Would consider buying!


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Wow! Hope it comes with a figure and is reasonable in price. Excellent work.

I'd actually love a full size 1:1 head for my full size jedifyfe jacket mannequin.