Mini Schutzenmeister Machine prop from Archer for Pam!

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    Last year at Dragon Con I dressed up as Fight Pit Pam and Office Pam from the show Archer on FX. If anyone has seen any of her costumes or props it's always a dolphin puppet or maybe a bear claw (I had those too!). I wanted something way cooler and a way to transport my booze. So, I made a fully functioning MINI Schutzenmeister (aka "Jager") machine I carried around.

    I made the bottle on the top false and used a bladder inside to hold the goods. This originally started out as one of those mini Coleman lunch coolers. I ripped the handle off, smoothed everything out with body filler and used some beer tap parts to make it all look legit and work properly. The bottle is removable from the top and actually fits inside the cooler for transportation.

    I redid all the designs from the bottle, tap, and machine itself that I found from reference pictures to match with the size items I had. I had to wing a lot of it because of the fact it doesn't translate to reality from a cartoon well.

    Not build related but THE absolute best part of this was when I ran into the lead illustrator for Archer in the artist alley (Adam Toews) and told him about my costume. I came back down later with it and the Mini Schutzy machine and it was like a kid at Christmas. He was nice enough to sign it for me...twice!

    Hope you enjoy!

    PS. I'm a lurker and don't post often. There must be some sort of sorcery involved in posting pictures on here. o_O

    IMG_20140806_182203142.jpg IMG_20140806_182152587.jpg IMG_20140806_182115912.jpg IMG_20140806_182133924.jpg

    FX-Archer-with-Sterling-Archer-chugging-Green-Russians_133414.jpg IMG_20140727_145124606.jpg IMG_20140802_183052678.jpg IMG_20140802_190223091.jpg IMG_20140729_072312423_HDR.jpg IMG_20140729_072259920_HDR.jpg IMG_20140729_204520922_HDR.jpg IMG_20140803_132401256_HDR.jpg IMG_20140803_132413008.jpg IMG_20140803_132419477_HDR.jpg IMG_20140806_182224135.jpg IMG_20140806_182253121.jpg

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