Mini P1 build ...


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Bravo on a great job. I guess now its your turn . lol

Thanks, guys!

Maybe, Vebo1. Though my short stature always prevented me from truly wanting to build a suit for myself, this experience has maybe swayed me a bit.
But from here I will prioritize learning to sculpt with clay! Taking a class this Spring.

I hope to finalize this suit, get the mini-xeno back up and running and take some AvP pics and hopefully get them out to a con.


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What did you use as the plasmacaster arm? Sorry if that's been asked already.

I found a toy fire truck at the thrift store that had a swiveling 2 part crane arm and robbed it off of there. There's pics earlier in the thread. Go to a couple thrift shops and check the toy section for a toy fire truck or crane toy, you're bound to find something similar.


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Hill Country Comic Con in 3 weeks.

Tuning up, repairing, and adding some detail here and there.

Fixed the straps on the feet. Added some slack so they're not as tight when she walks forward. Touched up the paint also.
Then added some detail to the plain cannon.




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Build keeps going ...

So I picked up some Flex Foam 3 and alginate to familiarize myself with the process of making foam dreads.
The backer rod looks okay enough but she can't move her head very well, if at all, and you miss one of the characteristics of the dreads which is the trademark sway.

Got the hang of it and was able to pull about 11 pieces despite the alginate mold coming apart and shrinking. :)

Made a box out of EVA and hot glue. Shaved down a dowel and drilled some small holes to slide support wire (wire hanger) through.


Mixed alginate and poured in. It cures quickly, 8 - 10 minutes.


Sliced the firm alginate evenly around.


Followed the instructions for the foam. First pull was a dud but I figured out that the alginate sweats. Permanently. So you have to wipe down the mold before to combat some of that moisture. Again, not an ideal medium, but it gets the job done quickly.


An afternoons worth of pulls. I tested some PlastiDip on the first pull and it worked great. I guess I need to find out how people dye the foam prior to casting.


The alginate mold is kind of a short cut and I may have been able to pull several more but the air bubbles on the bottom portion of the mold started to create irregularities and when I left the top half of the mold on the bench, it shrunk more than the bottom.

I'm going to make a plaster mold next and try it with Flex Foam 5 the next go round.

Here's a pic of her with the Lone Star Hunters again this past weekend at the Greater Austin ComicCon. Fun times.



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Finished up our first attemp at DIY cold foam dreads. Semi-successful. About a third of the dreads ended up curing too stiff. The flex foam is really finicky and I finally realized later that less of part A makes a more dense and softer lock. The learning process was enjoyable (to a degree). Reading further I found a suggestion about a urethane alternative that's more consistent here on the site. I'll try that next.

Here's the before and after vids.



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Back at it again!

Still fits her so before she really outgrows it I want to try and make a bio to fit her mask.
I removed her stab you silly Sculpey quills and replaced them with softer Bake and Bend clay. Worked great.


So my idea was to replicate her mask in foam (to save money) and then sculpt her mask on top of that in plastilina, then create a silicone mold to cast it in resin. If there's an easier way than this let me know. For now I'll keep carving away.

Measured her current mask, noted her crown, jawline, and mandible measurements, then traced it out and laid down some spray foam. Used some cardboard strips as a wall to corral the foam.


To be cont'd ...


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Carving progress, added more foam when needed.






Best way to seal the foam before adding the plastilina on top? Was thinking white glue then some latex/acrylic paint.

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