Mini Nimbus 2000 replica for my step cousin

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Hey all I'm still working on my wand, just waiting to receive the Rowan branches and I can get to work on that further. Till that arrives I am working on a Christmas gift for my youngest member of my step family, who's whole family loves Mrs. Rowling's series a very special gift a barbie doll scaled (At least based off how big Barbies were when I was a kid. Any one know if they are still scaled the same?) Nimbus 2000 racing broom I'll post pictures tomorrow since even with my desk lamp the lighting is poor in my room for shots but I think the front half is looking very much like the movie's. The twigs that make up the broom's tail I plan to use leaf stems after I let them dry in place.

My biggest hurdle though is what would be the best kind of Varnish to use? The wood as most of my creations as of now is made from Birch Popsicle Stick wood and that is not the I want to say Hazelnut brown the movie brooms have. Plus it's a Nimbus 2000 not 2001 which I could cheat with and paint black, I may have to paint the twigs since stems aren't as porous as wood they grow on. Whoo boy my decal paper is going to have a major use soon for the little Nimbus 2000 on the handle top.

Warning incoming Tangent! Warning incoming Tangent!

Funniest thing yet and forgive me for going on a tangent, but I've been on the whole wand making thing since August, Afterall I had no clue of my House or Wand at Universal so I got a replica of Ron's if we have enough cash gonna grab Hermione's too from Walgreens. But as I researched my stuff on Pottermore and began my long road towards Wood sculptor and as Nick Zameti (Forgive me selling has never been my strong suit, Odd seeing as I find myself striving to become a writer too.) calls tem Makers (Makers Central 2019 is a must for any of you in or near the UK or with the cash to get a plane ticket.) and I've also researched alot for something I plan to make that's a bit different (It is a rather interesting question I'll ask it below) and well my friends from a web comic and video game stream group I'm in called the SRS Crew (Serious) have heard me talk all about it and two of them took the Pottermore Quizs my friend Marcus is Hufflepuff and has a wand made of Rowan with Phonix feather and my friend G.B.A (Game Blaze Adventurer) is Hufflepuff too.

So I share Hufflepuff with two of my best friends, my dad and my step mom. I also share wand wood with my stepsister who shares the same birth month as me and my good buddy Marcus. This is really strange to be honest. Anyone want to share their house?

Ok got to ask my question real quick, I mentioned in the tangent that I've been researching stuff to go with my Wands and other props and I remembered a project I wanted to do when I was in my Freshman year of High School. This project was a "Handbook or guidebook" that at the time was for recording information on Swords of Myth and pop culture with a drawn picture of the Sword and a stats system alongside a description of the weapon and where it hailed from. Obviously two entries would of been the Master Sword and Excaliber, I still wish to make this oneday but I'll need help from those over at Fan Gamer to make real since they have such great hand books like their feild Guide to Kanto and Legend of the Hero books which avoid lawsuits.

Anyway let's focus that beam a little tigher on the key subject here, all the research brought back that idea for a reason, as I do not plan to limit my prop wands to the three supreme cores of Phoenix, Dragon, and Unicorn and even invented my own Fantastic Beast in memory of a long lost pet I thought of another kind hand book. This one a book on Mystic creatures much like Newt Shmander's "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" writen from the perspective of another Wizard/Witch of the Wizarding World and giving account to all the interesting Wand core material sources. I once ran a web comic to help those with collaborations and just wanting to make a bio for their interpretations of characters (Remember I'm part of the Pixel artist and Sprite comic community so think of alternative takes on Sonic or Mario) and I had given it the name was "The Occeluest Compendium"

Now after all that explanation if I we to make a physical version of the Occeluest Compendium would that count as a prop? Cause I want to produce it as a guide to the other creatures of the Magical world and where some of my new cores come from. The first Edition and prototype of the book would be hand bound and Aged to look like it was from the Wizarding world (Yellowed paper, rounded edges and the edges showing some wear like a book from the old-fashioned style) so to me I'd count that as a prop but I am not a expert.

Hope I didn't confuse any of you and I look forward to advice on any of my projects, I can only grow if I learn and so I ask for crits and inspiration.

Take care and stay warm,
Joey "The Plokman" Tripp Nimmo
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1016181612-00.jpg 1016181611-01.jpg 1016181611-00.jpg As promised here are some photos of the front half of the Mini Nimbus as it currently stands. Need to strengthen the back curve, so I can use my Dremel to drill a small hole and a Toothpick as a Dowel or two to act as strengthening points between the front part of the handle and it's lower half with the Twigs will be. Anyway I hope these don't look too washed out lighting in my room is difficult.


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Hey all did ya miss me? Well I hope you guys did, but no sense crying over it if not. :) Been a while since I posted things around here are always kooky but since my last post it's been even more so. My uncle is deeply on my mind, I am optimistic considering who his brother (my dad) is and I know he's got the same stubbornness for this problem.

Any who, updates on the Nimbus model I actually made a major mistake when I started well two actually . My original two piece body has been scraped so the photos above are dated, second mistake the broom handle is actually the wrong shape the Arrow like shape of the nose on a true Nimbus 2000 has a reverse curve to the one I made. So yeah it isn't a Nimbus 2000 anymore the front is closer to that of a Firebolt but this thing is far away from that design, How ever I did see a design someone did of a Comet 140 that closely follows the silhouette of my design.

I'm not about to steal another persons design, big faux pas there indeed but I am thinking of either giving it a unique made up name or a model of Comet racing broom. Too bad Mallow is a tad boring sounding for a good name for a racing broom, hmm "Mallow Shocker 2388" how does that sound to you guys? Oh right need to show pics, I missed the chance for the broom handle alone but I do have it during the glue up for the first batch of twigs.
View media item 22View media item 21View media item 20View media item 19
I know bit sloppy and the pics are low res but my phone only has so many Mega pixels, Next progress of Twig attachment.
View media item 23View media item 24View media item 25
I used a piece of a pencil eraser to make the classic bowing of the twigs shape and the twigs are Oak leaf stems. Got to grab a lot more leaves cause I wanna make another Nimbus 2000 attempt. But so far I quite like it, though I need to fix some spots in the twigs so they look seperate the glue kinda caked up between the ones from the first picture set. Anyway what do you guys think? I got my Christmas present ordered a wood Lathe starting small of course but Wands and such will be great practice to learn my way through the wood craftsmanship ladder.

Hope you all enjoy and any crits are welcome provided they are constructive.

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