Mini Maul-pics inside


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Here are the pics of my son dressed up in his Darth Maul outfit which was handmade by his auntie.We had this done as we were meant to be meeting Ray Park today in Collectomania in Milton Keynes,UK but he had cancelled when we arrived this morning.My son was very upset,but he still loves his outfit.

The pic without the robe is not too clear,but all the sashes etc are there.Please excuse the dark blue gloves aswell-he misplaced the others!!!

Enjoy,and opinions are welcome that i can pass on to my sister in law:cool



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Looks fantastic...
I also done a Mini Maul for my son, Jay... He loves the costume but hates the time waiting on the makeup being done...
Can't say I blame him, so do I...

The kids at your son's school must refer to you as the coolest dad ever. Awesome costume!
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