MINI LIDS .....Just a teaser


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Here is a teaser of a project that Kithunter and I are working on--

More to come later and details.











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holy ****, this is supposed to be just a TEASE!?!?!

well sir i can tell you that i am adequately "teased" and ready for whatever final hoorah this is leading up to

you guys know how to build suspense that's for sure. looking forward to an update...

and no more pics unless you're tellin us what the hell is goin on whatever it is, i want in!


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Any chance you can produce a bio for the hot toys figures?
the one for the P1 sucks! and I really don;t like the custom ones on ebay.
great pics and I anxiously await the finished product and prices!
way to go Clay!


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Count me in, any chance of selling the mid size bio? Looking for just one, hottoy size. can't wait for more updates....


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Have some details to work out and will be posting all as soon as it is ready. Thanks for all the interest so far.
Will be worth the wait.
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