Mineral Ship - aka Livery Ship - TOS Battlestar Galactica

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by t2sides, Jul 15, 2015.

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    Just finished this fella. Been working to get it ready for Galacticon IV in Seattle. This studio scale filming miniature replica is my second go. The first one a few years back lacked a lot of accuracy. This one comes very close to being a part for part replica of the original miniature. It's a tad more weathered than the original (I figured it's been out mining since we saw it last!). It's about 42" long. This cockpit area more accurately represents the model when it was filmed, whereas the current restoration of the model has a strange looking clear 'spoon' there. A lot of time went into getting all the right parts and configurations, but the end result is a model that very closely resembles the original. Hope you like it.

    I'll have this model along with all the other Rag Tag replicas I've built (about 10) and the Studio Scale Galactica and BaseStar on display at Galacticon IV in Seattle at the end of this month. Feel free to stop by and visit and say HI.


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    And a few more...

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    I can't keep with you......

  4. emojo5

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    Looking good Mister Sides. Love the paint job.

  5. 3phase

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    Wow wish I was over there to go and have a look at your collection.
  6. Lee S

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    If I wasn't already going to Galacticon this alone would make the trip worth while :)
    See you in a few weeks!!

  7. SofaKing01

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    That is gorgeous! Well Done!
  8. moffeaton

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    Yeah that old one was AWFUL but I was too polite to say anything ;)
  9. edge10

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    Another beauty. Your dedication to the RTFF is legendary.
  10. Nick K

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    Beautiful work. Keep it up.:thumbsup
  11. Rick Deckard

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    Beautiful model! Just like the original film miniature! Great work!

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