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I just finished watching Christopher Smith's awesome head-splitter Triangle, and am wondering if anyone can recommend any other movies in this 'genre'?

I'm talking about those movies that you come out of thinking WTF?!? (in a good way), that you are thinking about for days after and that spawn pages of debate on IMDB and everyone has a different interpretation of the meaning. Movies that get you thinking and don't offer easy, trite explanations for the concepts they set up.

I recently also watched the underrated (imho) YellowBrickRoad, which really I found both disturbing and haunting.

Other examples I can think of:

Everything David Lynch :lol
Donny Darko
12 Monkeys
Solaris (original)
The Game (though I hate that movie...)
Jacob's Ladder
Naked Lunch

Can anyone suggest any other goodies? :)
Inception? Really? I never really got the sense of a twist or a 'mind- " in that one.

Most M. Night Shyamalan films fit the description, especially...
Sixth Sense
The Village

Planet of the Apes
Fight Club
The Usual Suspects
Soylent Green

The Empire Strikes Back.
Primer has been on my 'to see' list for years :lol

Better rectify that.

Inception raises and great deal of questions, and areas for debate/interpretation, so I don't see how it can not be on this list, tbh :confused

Shyamalan (sp?) generally isn't a good fit to me, since he generally creates puzzles that are completeley solved within his movies. A twist rareley inspires greater thought or depth in a movie, since so many are telegraphed, poorley executed or render the movie pointless

Think I've seen all the other suggestions so far, except Gone Baby Gone and Black Swan.

A couple more:

The Jacket (liked)
Irreversible (hated with a passion).
Time Crimes haven't seen yet!)
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I'll second primer. You almost need time to watch it twice in one go.

That's how I felt about Triangle. A real Rubik's Cube of a movie. Gonna watch it again tonight with the wife, if I can get her to forgo X-Factor :rolleyes
I can't remember the name of the movie it was here in the last year, where it was about a girl murdered by a child molester and when she dies she can't enter his house, etc., etc. it was a really weird and stupid movie. I could probably compare it to "What dreams may come" I think is what it was called which was a movie with Robin Williams, which reminds me of another one of his movies that sucked 24 Hour Photo.
"Identity" was kind of set up to be a "Memento"/"Usual Suspects" hybrid knock-off, but it does all get explained near the end, which was disappointing.

Heading into Chick Flick-ish territory, since I'm both a fan of time-stream/travel movies AND a chick, I like "Sliding Doors". If you don't mind Gwenyth Paltrow, I think it's an interesting look at two alternate timestreams that definitely does NOT explain itself in anyway.

Also "Retroactive", a time-travel movie which was slightly dumbed down, but contains an interesting performance by Jim Belushi.
I can't remember the name of the movie it was here in the last year, where it was about a girl murdered by a child molester and when she dies she can't enter his house, etc., etc. it was a really weird and stupid movie.

I think you're thinking of "Lovely Bones" which I was disappointed in as well.
Los Cronoscrimenes I thought was pretty good apart from maybe the last 10 mins which seem to drag slightly. But still a hundred times more interesting than anything Hollywood can muster up these days.

Irreversible is one hell of a challenging film, this doesn't automatically make it a bad or good film. To me it seemed more like a study on the nature of violence and revenge but one where you have to ask yourself how much of this can you handle as a viewer. If you were totally repulsed as you should be then the film works the way the director intended. You are basically watching a man trying to get revenge for a hideous act carried out on a loved one, but at what cost to his own soul. The fact that at the end he doesn't even care if he gets the right culprit speaks volumes on how personal revenge is not always the best way.
Agreed. Irreversible actually made me pretty angry with Noe for putting something so repellent on screen, but I can't argue that it provoked an emotional response in me, or that that was the intention of the director.
There is just no love for Suckerpunch is there! I liked it:lol

Well there is a few that come to mind.
Vanilla Sky
Bladerunner ( director's cut! ) I could start a fight with that one!

Then there are the horror/shock movies! One that really sticks out is called Imprint. It was a 1 hour movie, made for "Showtime". From the " Masters of Horror " series. It was never aired, cause it was banned ( so they say ). Not the greatest acting, but it is really crazy! It's a WTF! Movie for sure!
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