minatour bust


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Well i decided today to make a bust of a minatour for my sons class project, i was going to sculpt a small bust, but decided to do a life sized version, not that much more work
Heres the sculpt, i just did a quick sketch, and made it up as i went along

Not the most detailed thing in the world, but it'll do, the back half i'll put together out of sheet foam more to come, hopefully i can complete tomorrow, he doesn't know, hope he likes it


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Love it! Minos are one of my favorite mythical creatures.
Very nice interpretation! Reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth.



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i was thinking dark crystal mystic, with a couple of swirls, but now you've said that, yeah that must've been in the back of my mind to


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Bah... looks ok now, but what it needs is some modifications to make it a full fledged CYBERDEMON from DOOM!


(looks awesome man!)


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lol, thanks guys, well the cats outa the bag, he came out and saw me working on the head, not to bothered though, as he's made up!
I did want to do darkness, those horns put me off though.
Its quick as its done in Wed clay, you can knock stuff out pretty quick in this stuff, i once did a prone alien, child sized in water clay in a day and a half, good for camera but in person a bit rushed.
Hey Nobby, i used to do this full time, now its just a hobby that pays for itself, cyberdemon, now thats an idea!


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Maybe i'll have a go at Darkness one day, but, i finished this bugger, lol, finished it about an hour ago, i messed up sculpting the rune look on the fod, its not symetrical, but it works, and more importantly lucas loved it, its a latex and polyfoam facepiece, glass eyes (predator eyes) with sheetfoam for the rest and fur fabric, i painted it with a latex base and fw acrylics, punched mohair into the chin and upper lip, horns were insulation pipe cut and shaped and covered with latex


a pic showing the punched hair

And lastly Lucas and his new friend


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thanks everyone, yeah, he's doing greek myths and had to put pics etc together, this was just an extra thing, his teacher loved it, i was trying to make it as non threatening as i could, my first design had him snarling showing teeth, scrapped that, went more for the 'what shall i have for my tea?' look, lol
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