Mimban stormtrooper parka help


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Anyone have suggestions on how to make or find a parka like these troopers wear?
Mimban_Stormtroopers_SWI181 (2).png


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First let me say I’m not an expert on this. But the image you shared has this detail which made me think: “is that a tent?”


In any event it’s more like a rain poncho, very military surplus looking, as opposed to a more winter-weather “parka,” in my opinion.

The 501st has this page which isn’t terribly specific but does have a clue: Costuming:Mimban Trooper - Databank

The key is the term “plash-palatka.” Soviet cape-tent (so I was half right! :lol:.) More details here: Plash-palatka

No clue as far as what specific type you want- if it’s like other Soviet/Russian military surplus I am confident there are tons of Polish, Czech, and many other varieties of this. Just depends on if you need ultimate accuracy or just something that looks the part.

Good luck! :)
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