Millennium Falcon Toy Lighting Help... Not your typical toy lighting request


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I'm currently working on modding a Playskool Galactic Hero's Millennium Falcon and am hoping there might be a way of adding lights to "interact" with the current soundboard in the toy... It has a "malfunctioning" hyper drive engine sound and the "jump to light speed" sound... both of these are button activated. My hope is to add lights to the engine, cockpit and "headlights" but have the engine coincide with the engine sounds, meaning when the hyper drive is malfunctioning with lights flicker and when they're repaired, they grow bighter as it makes the jump to light speed.

Not sure how possible that would be with an existing sound board but I thought I'd at least ask. At the least I'm hoping to have lights that can be switched on and off on there own.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help!

Not Meee

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A simple trick is sound activated light bar. Some are stobing, others are sequential. They run in parallel to the speaker, and adjustable to sensitivity.


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Thanks for the input, I’ll look into those as an option… However I’m hoping to have the light have more of a custom function.

Thanks again!


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Can you post some clear photos of both sides of the circuit board in model. I would use the output of the sound board to trigger an Arduino that would run the "custom" lighting effect, but first I'd make sure that the voltage of that sound's output is comparable, if not, you'll need a "level shifter" to transition the model's board "output" to the Arduino's input, so you don't blow up ether or both boards, just a thought.....:unsure:

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