Millennium Falcon reference of names on the 32 falcon

Theres one on top of the frame that the radar dish is mounted to

Here's a piece of text from a thread that goes into detail about the 32" Falcon and the names that are on it

-There are numerous ILM staff names written all over the model. They are kind-of-sloppily done with a black rapidograph pen. I asked Lucasfilm if we could replicate those, but they said no. So, I added all of them on MY model. About 9 or 10, IIRC. Eg; “Michel Fulmer” appears twice on the cockpit. Once on top in a box and once, much larger on the bottom. And someone wrote: “WHO?” in pencil next to his name on the bottom, so that is what I did too. “Lorne Peterson” appears twice. And Ease Oweung appears twice, once in English on the rear engine panel, and once in Korean (I think) on the side mandible. The names are pretty large…SO large, I am surprised how well you can see them once you know they are there. Yup, gotta add those.
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Yup, that was my post and I think that is one of the pics Jason and I took from the two trips to the archive to scan/ photograph the Falcon.

I see you PMed about this as well. I wasn't ignoring you.

I am always happy to help out fellow modelers, but that would require a LOT of pics. It would take quite a while to go through hundreds of Falcon images to pull out all of the ones that show the names. They are all over the model.

Most look like they were done in a 000 Rapidograph pen. A few are in pencil, along with various phrases and weird geometric shapes. (I guess they were bored?)

If you have the image set I was selling, they are all in there... :)
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