Millennium Falcon MPC kit Rebuild

Hey Guys!

First sincere apologies for any confusion.

I have been rebuilding an old first issue MPC Millennium Falcon to more closley represent the original 5' Miniature seen in Star Wars on the big screen back in 1977. I didn't like the changes to her for "Empire"or the 32" Falcon's Look. They enlongated the cockpit, added the extra landing gear boxes Etc...

Having built two Fine Molds 1/72 Falcons, I thought I could tackle the challenge.

To do so, and hopefully bring the old kit up to Fine Molds standards I had to..
Disgard the kit's supplied Cockpit and Cockpit Tube.
Trim the sidewalls down to correct height
Add an assortment of scratch-built details, aftermarket details ETC...

As great as the Fine Molds kit is, It wasn't the version of the Falcon I loved.

Pix to follow.
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Re: Mpc falcon

The torture!!!!! :facepalm
LOL, let the pain begin.

Mate it looks like you done some time on the side walls already. Looks pretty bloody good so far. Definately 5 footer inspired.

What height have you got the walls? As I am measuring the wall height as being from the top rim of the upper (Outside edge) to the bottom rim of the two halves. I am not measuring between the two halves. On the mandables my side walls will have to be attach to the outside. The thickness of the upper and lower halves adds another mm or so the overal height. however on the inside of the mandables it has to be placed on the inside of the two halves.

Yours look spaced well.

Looking forward to seeing the other walls



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Re: Mpc falcon

Hi Beatlepaul, that's fantastic! What did you use for the cockpit tube - looks like styrene (I havent seen any styrene tubes that size anywhere). And is it the same tube for the tunnel? And how did you form the cone for the cockpit itself? Sorry for all those questions - I'm amazed with your rebuild and want to do the same thing on my 1/72.


Re: Mpc falcon

I also have an unbuilt MPC. I am very glad that I held off from building her. After I am reviewing your project I see nothing but great inspirations/ idea for my next build.


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Re: Mpc falcon

Man you are flying ahead with this. Few questions of my own to add to crackerjazz.

What size tube you using?

Have you re-used the top part of the canopy? If so great idea. It realy maintains the 5 foot stubbied canopy. Which is hard to do.

The cockpit interior looks killer as well BP, I like the idea of the studio scale interior, if you decide to keep in in there.



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Re: Mpc falcon

I'm so glad you're building this! Really looking forward to your paint job. Built both the MPC and the FM and I gotta say, the MPC has the nicest profile. The 5-footer is my fave!


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Re: Mpc falcon

BEATLEPAUL, are you using any donor kits for the detail? I'd like to try and scratch the side walls, but I'm not sure what's out there for this scale of Falcon.

Thanks for sharing your work.

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Re: Mpc falcon

I love this image too. I think it still ranks as one of the best ever, just as good, if not better than the FM Falcon kit.

Does anyone have a super hi-res image of this at all?

Thanks Ozzy!

My cockpit tube hasa diameter of a little more than 4.4 cm...I eyeballed it to see what looked right to me.
Great eye! Yes I did reuse the top part only of the canopy! Your right! The 5' Has a stubby Cockpit, Which Lucas wanted..I didn't like how they extended it In Empire/Jedi.

Yes I may keep the Studio Models interior...I always loved that pic on the originial release of this kit!